Tiropita (Greek Cheese pie)


This is my tiropita. There are many ways to make tiropita and I think every greek woman would have her own recipe. It is a very simple recipe that my whole family just LOVES. Add a green salad to go with it and VOILA a wonderful meal on the table


1 pack of Phyllo dough frozen phyllo dough (in the box there is 2 packs)

1 cup of cottage cheese (I use 1 %)

1 cup of Feta cheese

2 eggs

pepper & nutmeg to taste

I do not add salt as there is already in cheese.

Olive oil and a pastry brush DSC03769


  1. In a bowl, mix cottage cheese and feta. Crumble. DSC03766
  2. Add 2 eggs, pepper and nutmeg. DSC03768
  3. take a 9×13 cake pan and oil bottom and sides – open the phyllo dough – work fast as the phyllo can dry when open.DSC03771

Take one sheet of Phyllo place in the cake pan. Oil on top. Add second sheet and oil etc. until you reach at half of the sheets. Oil top of the last sheet and add the cheese spread. Now start again with the sheets & Olive oil until you reach the last one. Oil at the end.

Put in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes. Check. When done it will be gold on top.

Eat when Hot ! KALI OREXI !

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