Soft Greek Pita Bread

I make Soft Greek pita bread from my pizza recipe Best New York Style pizza dough

They are perfect. So soft, tasty, delicious … you will never buy them again. Well actually in Niger, we can’t buy them so that’s why I decided to make it.2P9180046.jpg

Now Let’s cook.

  1. When the pizza dough is made and you let it rest 1 hour. You take a ball, and with a rolling pin, you make a “mini pizza”.


2. In a skillet, add some olive oil and fry the bread on both side.


and they are ready to eat.


I make usually 2 pizza dough recipes and freeze. Reheat in a skillet and ready for another sandwich. You can make them also whole wheat by replacing half of white flour for whole wheat flour.

You can eat them with a soup, salad, make falafel sandwiches, pizza pockets … delicious

Here is our pizza pocket


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