Cheesecake parfait

DSC08660 (Copy)This is one easy and very creative dessert as you can use any kind of fruit you would like. Living in Niger, I use strawberries in season and mangoes… One of our favorite quick dessert.


2 cups of yogurt that you drain – to make Greek yogurt

1 tsp vanilla

sugar as needed

whip cream + sugar as needed

Strawberry sauce made of strawberries & sugar

cookies (petit Lu or graham crackers)

To put this little dessert together : take a small cup (enough for your family or guests)

Pulse the graham crackers or cookies in a food processor- add to the bottom of cup.

Mix the Greek Yogurt, with some sugar, vanilla and a bit of whipped cream. Mix with a spatula. Taste to see how sweet you want it. Add some of the yogurt mixture in bowl.

Make a strawberry sauce with fresh or frozen strawberries and sugar. When cooked, mix. Add cool on top of the yogurt. Add another layer of yogurt and some whip cream to top it. Add slices of mangoes and freshly roasted coconut. You can imagine any kinds of combinations of fruit… it’s light and delicious.

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