Homemade Yogurt

DSC08253 (Copy)


1 C. milk PowderDSC08303 (Copy)

2 1/2 C water (1/2 boiling & 1/2 room temperature to make a perfect temperature)

1 to 2 TBS natural yogurt (for starter)DSC08304 (Copy)


Begin with sterilized container and spoon- mix milk and water in desired container. Feel with your finger – if your finger can’t stay in the mixture because it’s to hot add a little bit of cold water. You do not want your milk to be to hot. You have to be able to keep your finger in.DSC08306 (Copy)

Add Yogurt started and mix well. Cover container and wrap with a towel. Put in a warm place (in the USA, I would warm my oven and put it in).

When set, place the container in the fridge. (It takes several hours)

DSC08252 (Copy)

Now you get to make Greek yogurt.

Take a cheese cloth–stretch it over top of a bowl. Keep the cloth in place over a colander on top of the bowl. Then pour your yogurt onto the strainer you’ve created. Place the bowl and suspended yogurt into the refrigerator. Let the yogurt drain for a couple of hours. The longer you let it drain the thicker the yogurt.

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